Remember these…

The ’80s were a simpler time, not better, just simpler. All I needed was some soda, a few packs of cards, a VHS copy of the movie RAD! and caricature t-shirt of one of my favorite baseball players.

For those not lucky enough to have been around here is what I am talking about.
I LOVED these shirts as a kid.

Darryl was the first one I got, probably around 1988 and I wore it until it literally fell apart.

Soon after I added this one to the mix.
I was rolling around Mpls in style baby!

I remember I had a pair of red shorts I wore with the Mattingly and a pair of orange shorts I rocked with the Strawman shirt.

I also had a Will Clark shirt at one point. My little brother rocked a Bonds and my sister had a Puckett and Canseco.

I am pretty sure I had a few for various championship teams. I know I had one of the Bulls in high school and want to say maybe one of the Pistons too. I know I also had this one of the Dream Team.

Someone needs to get these images on a set of cards. I know I would go out of my way to pick them up.



3 responses to “Remember these…

  1. They were fun – I remember having a Team USA basketball one.

  2. I had a pennant of the Dream Team…mine also had Laettner. Great stuff!

  3. I had a few Will Clark ones. I’d wear them so much they got holes and I’d have to replace them. Pretty sure I had that Dream Team one, too. I think I need to hit eBay….

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