Non card post…

I have mixed feelings on short weeks. See this week UVa is closed Wed-Fri so I am only working Monday and Tuesday.

I like my job so I don’t mind working but a few days off is always nice. But with just two days it’s kinda weird. It’s hard to get motivated. Many students seem to have left for home. I guess they can afford to miss a few days of classes, that or some faculty are not holding classes. So grounds (campus to the rest of ya’ll) is very quiet. I don’t like it. A school is supposed to have students, I don’t like whey they are gone. Sure it’s easier to find parking but still.

Now I have some major projects so it’s not like I can just chill. I get to compile survey results, and that is always fun. Well fun in that the data from the report will help inform a very important decision. Making well informed decisions is fun!

It’s lunch time so I am taking a break and rambling. I will get some nice card related posts later today, don’t worry. I have an infamous Star Wars card from 1977, any guesses what it is?

So who else has a short week going on? Are you getting anything done?



2 responses to “Non card post…

  1. I’m thinking C-3PO wiener.

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