The kindness of Wolverines…

Dennis from Too Many Verlanders and Too Many Manninghams sent me a package. And what a package it was!

It was full of team bags of all my favorite Minny sports stars as well as a handful off gems in top loaders. Here are a few of my favorites.

This is the top dog of the pile. A sweet quad relic auto of TE Kyle Rudolph. Love it!

Running out the top tier was a nice Butera auto, a 2009 Topps Liriano silk and a die cut elite rookie of Twins prospect Ben Tootle to 100. Sweetness.

Here are a few of my favorites from the many stacks of team bags.

This is my favorite card, I love Robert Smith of the Cure. I hope he makes Canton some day.

From the same set was this beauty.
What a great looking card.

Here is another favorite.
I love Lew Ford!

I always wish I could dunk and swing from the rim like that!

It’s not Morneau’s rookie but it is still a great looking card of a Canuck.

Hovan was a mad man, I love this card!

Thanks Dennis! This was out of the blue and greatly appreciated. I got something on it’s way back to ya.

That reminds me. I know I owe Spankee and Josh some cards, and they are all stamped up and on their way as well. Spankee I got you a little something extra for the new father.



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