The story of the last card…

Earlier today the entire family was at my folks house, enjoying a nice relaxing day together as a family as we sat around full of turkey.

I was scanning cards for the site and heard the doorbell ring. From the other room I heard my sister yell “The last card is here!”.

We all headed to the kitchen to see my dad standing there with a padded mailer with the unmistakable paypal shipping label. He opened it up and out slid this guy.
The final card!

The excitement was palpable. My entire family, me, my dad, my brother, my sister and even my mom all collected cards. It’s what we did as a family growing up. On any given Saturday we were all at a show in the greater Mpls area or at one of the many card shops the covered the late ’80s Twin Cities landscape.

Back then you could give any of us a stack of cards and we could tell you who was worth what, what was most rare, what was an error and so on.

Everyone in the house today knew the significance of that card. My siblings don’t really collect anymore but when you spent 10+ collecting as a kid you know the power of ’52 high number, especially one that completes your fathers Topps collection.

I took it down stairs and scanned it in to use on my site. I then grabbed my iphone and took this picture of my dad and son with the collection.
Notice in the picture the card in the top right corner of the open page.

Funny thing is I said to my dad, grab a binder and open it up for the picture. He reached over his shoulder without really looking and grabbed a binder and opened it up to a seemingly random page. And there it is, George Brett’s rookie card, probably my favorite card of the entire collection. Weird right?



7 responses to “The story of the last card…

  1. Congrats, what an accomplishment!

  2. Wow, what a great moment. Congrats!

  3. That’s awesome!

  4. This is incredible! Congrats!

  5. That’s amazing. As a guy who owns a grand total of one ’52, I’m jealous. And as someone who collects with his dad, I know the bond it can create. Kudos.

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