Signed, Sealed, Delivered…

I didn’t do any shopping on Black Friday but I did get some stuff from Panini.

The first box for review is from the second year release of Panini Prime Signatures.

This is a one pack per box deal and offers some really nice looking and high quality cards.

You get 4 cards, two base, one low numbered parallel and a signature.

A nice simple design, almost elegant.

The little wash of color right behind the player really rounds it out. These look and feel like base cards that should come in a much higher end, and higher dollar, product.

You can’t tell from the scan but these babies are thick! I would saw about 100pt, maybe even a little thicker. I feel like I could pound in a nail with one of these cards.

The wash behind the player is of the teams main color and adds a good bit.

Each base is numbered to 499.

The cards back is simple and clean just like the front. Very nice.

My parallel was this guy.
Numbered to 49 with blue embossing. A nice looking card even though the player aint the greatest.

Now the reason people show up, the signature.
This is a solid looking auto card, and this is probably the least impressive looking of the hits you can pull.

This is a nice looking card and perfect for team and player collectors. The simple design really makes it look special.

I think I got a special Dc metro area pack what with Cooley and Flacco.

The rookie relic autos from Prime Signature are amazing looking. Even some of Panini’s most harsh critics have admitted on their sites that this is an amazing set. I think I know who i am talking about.

A box/pack will run about $50-$60.

I am a fan.



4 responses to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered…

  1. $50-60 for a Cooley auto? damn, I know they can’t all be superstars, but that is awful. It’s a sticker auto too! Hope others are pulling better cards than this crap.

  2. Sticker autos on high end stuff are a bummer. I’m starting to get to the point where I’d rather have no auto than a sticker drop. I really don’t feel like I’m getting a signed “card.”

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