Auto-play at the plate…

Some collectors like the one pack per box high risk high reward sets, others don’t. I am indifferent.

Well maybe not indifferent as much as the set itself is what will draw me in or let me keep my distance.

Panini seems to have ramped up their one pack per box heavy hit products lately. I can only imagine that is due to collector demand. When you step back and look at a box of 20 packs with 3-4 hits versus a box of one pack with 3-4 hits it all comes down to base cards. If you enjoy a handful of player cards and collecting them into a complete set the decision is easy. If you like the hits and the base simply become filler your decision is equally easy.

Anyway, Signature series baseball is one pack per box with six cards, three numbered base/rookies and three hits, mine were all autos.

Panini is handcuffed by a lack of an MLB license, something that looks like it might change in the next few years. I don’t have any inside info just a feeling. Without the license they can’t show logos and they are getting pretty good at avoiding logos without having to be so obvious.

These remind me a little of the older Studio sets. They all feature close-up shots of the player. I wouldn’t want ever set to look like this but it does offer an intimate look at your favorite ballers.

One thing jumped out at me about two of my cards and many of the cards I have seen online see if you can figure it out.


Now look at this one.


With all the money MLB teams have you think they could buy these guys some razors!

Just looking at Travis up there makes my face itch. It makes me want to shave right now!

I will say this; the stubble does show of the nice high res quality of the printing. You can reach out and touch the shadow. God this card makes my face itch!

The other half of the box/pack was hits, all autos.
Two of the guys were manu-patch deals.
I like these; the cards are well designed and look pretty slick in hand. The little embroidered player’s union deal looks cool.

This one is a little cooler.
I love the Rated Rookies logo. It is awesome no matter what!

Think how cools these would be with team logos, are you listening MLB?

The last auto was the coolest.
I go back and forth on these baseball type cards. One thing I like about these and the versions in EEE are they aren’t too crazy thick. Maybe 100 pt. So they don’t need as giant a holder as some of the other baseball autos out there.

The cards are very niche. They have a distinct look and feel. I wouldn’t want every card to look like these but they are a nice aside to the rest of my collection. I am not sure what I would call them. They are almost like a combination of post-modern and mid ‘90s cards. I am not sure what that means, but it sound good.



2 responses to “Auto-play at the plate…

  1. If Panini got the MLB license, I would kill for a retro Donruss set with “Rated Rookies.”

  2. Holy crap. Those Rated Rookie Autos are awesome!

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