Heart > Arm…

The football gods have smiled and given me something to look forward to!

The pundits are stating Tebow will be ready to go for Sunday’s game.

The question is will Rex “I don’t really want my job anymore” Ryan put him in? I can hear the Benny Hill music in my head.

It’s pretty obvious to me that the Jets owner forced Tebow on Rex. Rex didn’t want him and sill doesn’t so he has crossed his arms and pouted and stuck with Sanchez. This would be all fine and good except for the fact under Rex the Jets have become the laughing stock of the league… again.

For the sake of full disclosure I am a well documented Tebow supporter. The kid has heart. He has the winning drive that makes one a champion. He is selfless and a true team guy. Something many of his former teammates will back.

Sanchez has the mechanics. He has the arm that Tebow doesn’t, but has shown a lack of heart.

I think a little heart is what the Jets need.

Problem is Rex is too stubborn and won’t do it. One argument against Tebow is it would destroy what little confidence Sanchez has left. I say who cares. I don’t have any beef with Mark but he aint doing it. If you are pined deep in your own territory with 4th and long ya punt! Rex needs to punt.

The Jets won’t start Tebow. They will lose the rest of their games and Rex will get the boot. The Tebow vs Sanchez will continue until the new coach lets both of them go and drafts a new guy.

I wish the Vikes would get Tebow. He and Percy could link back up and Tebow could bring some much needed fire to the team.

Also just imagine Tebow and Jarred Allen on the same team. It would be awesome!

Rex needs to get over his pride and do what the team needs. If you are a Tebow fan or not you can’t argue he has never let his pride get in the way.



One response to “Heart > Arm…

  1. If the Jets lose every game from here on out, I will eat my shoe lol. Between now and the end of the year they pull the Cardinals (Ryan Lindley?), the Jags (Henne is nice so that’s probably a loss), the Titans (who are awful), the Chargers (who have their own QB issues), and the Bills (ditto). Sanchez isn’t a very good QB but there are much bigger problems than him in this town and he’s hardly the whole problem.

    The biggest thing I noticed in their game against the Pats – they pretty much have nothing at WR or RB at all. The Browns honestly have betters RB’s and WR’s and the Browns have awful skill players. The Jets start Shonn Greene, who is in the bottom half of the league’s RB’s. Then at WR they start the very raw Stephen Hill, the very raw Jeremy Kerley, and their third WR is either Raiders castoff Chaz Schiliens or Dolphins castoff Clyde Gates. Their best receiver is probably tight end Dustin Keller, and even he isn’t great shakes.

    I’d love to see Tebow in there too, even though I dislike him as a QB – he just doesn’t have the QB skills to get it done long term. But he’s perfect for the current Jets situation where they could use a little inventive playcalling to get stuff done. And definitely that heart too, I agree there. Sanchez just bleeds frustration lately and it’s not working for the Jets at all.

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