A little story…

Actually I am not sure if it would be classified as a storey, maybe a parable? Anyway…

When I was younger and watching baseball with my dad he told me this little piece of info to help me better understand baseball. I will share it with you.

-Three umpires are sitting in a bar talking shop.
-The first ump says “I call them like I see them”
-The second ump looks at the first guy disapprovingly and say “I see them like I call them”
-The third guy takes a drink of his beer, sits back, looks at the other two and shakes his head.
-The first two guys look annoyed and in unison say “So what about you?”
-The third guys says “They aint nothin’ till I call them”

The lesson being in baseball a strike, a foul, whatever doesn’t really exist until the ump says what they are. Sure instant replay is working its way into the game, but at its core it’s about the umps. You can argue balls and strikes all day, but if the ump says ball, it’s a ball.

That little deal has always helped me keep my sanity watching baseball. Once you accept that calls are made by people, and people are subject to their specific perceptions you can relax and just enjoy it. Baseball knows that no one ump is perfect, but that’s OK, its part of the game. Baseball did just fine with the umps making the calls and no instant replay for over 100 years, no need to change it now. To much technology takes away from the majesty of the game.

That’s my lesson for the day…

Here is another umpire card from Cooperstown
He doesn’t like nearly as bad-ass as Al from yesterday, but still a very nice card.



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