I was checking MLB.com last night and saw a couple of pretty big moves by a handful of teams.

Most notably the Twins and Nats. I’ve lived in both Minny and DC. Anyone that has read the blog even a few time knowns I am a huge Twins fan. I also have a soft spot for the Nats having lived in DC when they first moved here and my UVa connection through Zimmerman.

Well the Nats just got a lot better.

In a substantial trade they picked up this guy.
Mr. Denard Span.

Span is in my opinion one of the top center fielders in the game. He rules the outfield, has a solid bat and lots of heart. During the Twins slide the last few seasons he is one of the few guys that spoke up and called out the team. He wants to win.

The Nats are a few pieces from greatness and Span should really help them.

I will miss Span, he was one of my favorite guys on the team.

I am not sure this was a great move by the Twins. They pick up pithing prospect Alex Meyer. I don’t know much about him but mlb.com says he is a top 50 prospect. We will see. I wish they would find a legit #1. Rumor is they are shopping Morneau around for a #1 starter.

In ever bigger news the pirates signed Russell Martin to a 2 year deal.
One of the top backstops in the game.

This should really give the Bucks the push they need. I hope they make the playoffs next year.

I guess this means Austin Romine is ready to take over.

Two of the teams I will cheer for just got better. Time will tell if my favorite team improved or are up to the same old tricks.



2 responses to “Woah…

  1. Huge pick-up for the Nats. Span is one of the most undervalued OFs in the game. I like that the Bucs spent some money on a potential 20 HR catcher but I think they need more to take the division.

  2. Martin can still play defense, but his offense has declined every year — with the exception of home runs, which he won’t be hitting as much of now that he’s left Yankee Stadium.

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