Hall worthy…

With the HOF ballots out it’s the perfect time to check out Panini’s Cooeprstown Baseball set.

A box will run you around $90, yield one on-card auto of a HOFer and mess of other great stuff.

The base cards look great. They look Hall of Famey. The brown of the background has a slight patina feel, it feels older and regal.

Now, as we all know Panini doesn’t have an MLB contract (come MLB lets do this!) so they can’t show team logos. They did a great job with photo selection and cropping to handle this with out being so overt.

Here are a few of my favorite base-cards.

The legend of legends

It’s cool seeing guys I watched play taking this place in the Hall next to the giants I only heard my dad and grandfather talk about, such as…

I love Bill Dickey. I have written about him several times, so let me recap.

-He has 14 World Series rings, 14!!!
-He was one of the great players of his era, problem was he was on a team with Ruth and Gehrig.
-He taught Yogi Berra to be an all-star catcher.

A little sideways action to mix it up.

Such a perfect picture of Tony. he was an old fat man that knew baseball, the card sums it all up!

This may be my favorite. Burt is the HOFer I feel like I own the most. Sure there is Kirby but for some reason I feel closer to Burt as a HOFer. Maybe it was because it took so long, maybe it’s because we was so much more of an outspoken personality with the Twins. He is the first real HOF selection I remember really cheering.

I had to show this guys again, it is just too great of a picture.

One of the biggest names in baseball history and another really cool card.

The base cards also come in Panini’s new cracked ice technology.
These fall one per box and I couldn’t have pulled a better subject.

This card looks awesome in hand. I was worried how such a cutting edge look would work on and old school subject such as Cooperstown, and it works very well.

The big hit of the box is, well it’s the hit.
The Cooperstown HOFer autos are some of the nicest autos in recent years.

the design is simple and classy. The design feels Hall worthy but isn’t too much. All autos are on card, a huge deal for collectors.

Every auto is of a HOFer. What’s not to love!

I am going to slit this post in half and save the inserts for later.

This is a great product and a must for baseball fans.



3 responses to “Hall worthy…

  1. Panini did a good job of picking photos and framing them so the lack of team logos doesn’t stand out. It’s a nice set. I only have the Ron Santo but I thought the back of the card looked even better than the front.

  2. Some of the photos they had to try and fit in the frame look awful. The Sandberg, Musial, and Blyleven look off and crammed. It’s a shame too, because the cards look great if done right, the Killebrew is a great example. The on-card autos look great too.

  3. The checklist for the autographs is awesome. It includes Murray Chass and a few other great non-players. I think those Cooperstown Signatures just look amazing.

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