I’m Back, and I have free cards!!!

I am finally over, well mostly over, my illness. It turns out I had a touch of pneumonia. Very fun.

I have a mess of topics and reviews to catch up on.

I want to get things going in a big BIG way with a free card giveaway.

Up for grabs is one of the hits from this box of Certified Hockey.

To win take a peak these scans of this year’s Certified Hockey release and enter your thoughts in a comment and I will pick one reader at random.

So here ya go.


Numbered Parallel
My favorite card of the box, and I think one of the slickest looking hockey cards in a while. The problem with colors parallels is they so often look so much better than the regular card it makes me wonder why they didn’t use this as the base.

Sorry, this is supposed to be for ya’ll to review. I will try and keep quiet from here on out.

Masked Marvels numbered insert
I love this card, I like how big the player image is, it looks so substantial.

Sorry I spoke up again, I am trying here I promise.

Numbered Certified Stars insert
Another great looking insert!

Goalie pull-out deal
The goalies image is one clear plastic that slides in and out, like he is sliding back and forth in the goal.

I want to have a game that comes with this card so I can shoot little pucks and have the dude slide back and forth and block them. How awesome would that be? I think I will e-mail Tracy Hackler and have him get on it!

Sorry I keep talking.

Fabric of the game inserts



Duel Relic Path to the Cup

Rookie auto

So what do you think?

Drop a comment and let me know and I will pick one review at random to receive some stuff from the break!



12 responses to “I’m Back, and I have free cards!!!

  1. I think they look very nice. They look high-end, which is usually something I avoid because I would never be able to complete a set(not that I collect sets). But they are nice to look at, and the selection of inserts/hits, look good and have a nice variety, rather than overkill.

  2. I think the one thing that hockey cards have over any other sport is pure action shots. It seems since the players are in a constant state of motion when on the ice, this translates to much better cards. I love the action shots, and this set is no different.

    I also like the “Path to the Cup” dual relic set. One, the Bruins/Caps series last year was phenomenal. Two, what a great way to remember/commemorate last years playoff games. Three, the set itself is well designed and looks great.

    Overall I like what I see. That Ovie card is nice as well. Not as nice as the Crosby insert, but still nice.

  3. Liking the insert designs. The pull card seems cheesy to me but the kids may get a kick out of it..

  4. I agree – the goalie pull out is goofy at best. Base is nice, and good work showing off the mask in the marvels sub set.

  5. Love the Masked Marvels and Dual Path To The Cup subsets. As you mentioned, the parallels look better than the base, which is just to foil-y for my liking.

  6. Very nice box! I like the Goalie pulls concept, and the Dual Path to the Cup cards. Panini certified does it right!

  7. The Goalie pulls insert card is kind of neat. Kids should like the “action” of pulling the card. I would like to see the “goalie masks” in something like certified where they could use a dufex premium showcase. The freshmen signature boxes need some work as the backgrounds are very bland. Even if they used a net in the background it would look better than just a dark background. The “Path to the Cup” insert jersey cards are a sweet touch and I hope they would come with some prime patches. Nothing more fun than pulling a swatch with part of a stanley cup on it for the “Path to the Cup” jersey insert. AS for the Masked Marvels, once again it lacks a good background quality.

  8. Pretty standard for the Certified products, the down side (besides not having any NHL games to watch) is that Panini sticks with a design from sport to sport. If you compare this release to Certified Football and Totally Certified Basketball you see similarities. Sadly you could probably switch out athletes from set to set and nobody would really notice a difference.

    The Goalie Pulls is interesting, a way to add value to a release without adding a relic or autograph and as a couple people have stated, kids will probably dig it. Though to be honest I get a kick out of the card too because it is different and we get a good close up shot of the goalie.

  9. Almost a Caps hot box, eh? Nice pull on the Ovie, and Wideman combo. And the Ovie IS nicer than Squidney…:)

  10. The Goalie Pulls and Masked Marvels are amazing. Not a fan of the Certified Stars inserts though. Looks a little dark and would much rather have it pop more.

  11. love the Ovechkins! the crosby design looks a bit on the 90s side
    they gotta lose the sticker autos
    nice relic to the cup even though wides ins’t a Cap anymore..
    could use the Ovi’s for my collection though if they are for sale!

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