Classic Signatures…

It should be the time of year to be thinking about hockey, but alas…

That doesn’t mean we still can’t get excited about hockey cards.

The lack of a season means it’s hard to get excited about the new batch of rookies because frankly we have no idea who is any good. To fill that void Panini offers up a pretty slick set focused on retired players.

About 2 weeks ago Panini dropped Classic Signatures. It was somewhat overtaken by its bball brothers Prizm and Totally Certified, but you need to give it a look.

The set is very simple. It’s 6 packs per box, each pack gives you an auto, a retired number banner insert and 3 base cards. All of retired players, both legends and fan favorites.

Simple and dare I say Classic.

It’s a flat card stock, no gloss or shine. Not even any embossing that is standard fare on almost every release anymore. I say this not as a dig but in appreciation. The simple flare free design matches the set perfectly.

I am a fan of the Stevie Y card up there, not so much because of him but because of the player in the background.
I love Peter Bondra, easily my favorite hockey player all time!

I wish he had a card in this set. Come to think of it I have never seen him on a Panini card, bummer.

Not only do you get older guys but you get the older uniforms.
I actually liked the old purple and gold unis more than the black and silver.

I scanned this card just because it looks really nice.
The photos fits so well, it has great balance. A solid card.

This set was very non-Panini in that it had just one insert set.
Each pack has one of these retired number banner cards. I like these. They are great for team and player collectors.

The real draw are the auto, and they are amazing.
They use the base design, just a little fade of the background to help the auto pop. The oncard-auto that is.

This is an old school style auto set. Reminds me of the old Score Franchise autos.

Here are the rest.




Amazing looking cards. I love these!

I also pulled a redemption for a Social Signings card. This is an auto with the players twitter name on the card. I am not a twitter guy but the cards are pretty rare so that’s cool.

This a perfect example of how simple can be great.

I hope they bring the same formula to other sports!



2 responses to “Classic Signatures…

  1. They’re nice. Nitpicky, but the space at the top with the team name could be shorter making more room for the photo. Love the on-card autos.

  2. Craig Hartsburg and Neal Broten, enough said. Great product, and oh man, all the North Stars!

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