Gettin’ it done…

Dear Minnesota Twins, please take a look at your fellow Minny teams and see how to get it done.

Both the Vikings and T-wolves are performing well above expectations. The Vikes went from a 3 win season to being playoff contenders. They don’t have all that many new pieces, they are just playing to win.

The Wolves went from a 26 win season to what many consider to be a top 10 team. All this on a team with a mess of injuries including their top players.

Speaking of the T-wolves my boys just took down the top team in the Thunder. They lead from the 1st bucket until the very end.

A big piece of their success is this monster.
Peković is a beast! He isn’t the flashiest guy in the league but he gets results. He hangs out in the lane and just rains little blooper 2s all night long.

The only problem with Peković is on TV it can be hard to tell him and K-Love apart.

Card wise he has just one rookie in 2010-11 National Treasures, both an auto and non-auto version. The auto sells for around $100 and the non-auto in the $20-$30 range. Pretty solid!

Love has a legit shot at MVP and is on the brink of super stardom. If he leads the T-Wolves to the playoffs and wins the MVP I could be sitting on a gold mine!
Probably the best $30 I ever spent on a card. Even at current prices it’s a solid 1000% return on my investment.

The T-Wolves could prove to be a problem for the big boys. Brandon Roy may be back soon, at full strength they could be scary.

They play the Knicks on Sunday. Lets see if they can drop two top temas in a row.



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