I wish I lived in the Golden Age…

From the second I first heard the name of Panini’s new retro themed set all I could think of was this…

I wish every box played that song when you opened it, but whatever.

So Golden Age is Panini’s answer to the Ginter sets that have been all the rage. It has the requisite mix of baseball stars, various stars from other sports, famous folks and random things like the Lock Ness monster Of all the countless retro sets it is most like UD Goodwin in that it focuses on former stars more so than current players. Something that earns a few extra points with me.

So lets check it out.

To warn you this is an epic post with about 20 scans.

A box will run you about $70, a great price for this type of product.

A nice enough design. I don’t know if this is based on an old design or something they pulled together. The design is simple and looks older. I do like the way they handled the photos, they give it them slightly aged look. My only real complaint is the little red box with the set name. The red is too strong and gold lettering too lite. From a distance it just looks like a red box.

The box was a lot of fun to open. I have never been the biggest fan of retro themed sets but I do like a nice mix of subjects in a set. I am proud to say, with the exception of a few race horses that I knew all the people on my cards.

Here is a rapid fire offering of a mess of these fine cards.

Poe went to UVa, he didn’t graduate though.

So Bob what did you do today?

Not much just brought down the president of the United States.

This may be the craziest looking image on a card ever. look at those eyes…

My favorite president.

Easily the most badass president. I think the internet should take all the dumb Chuck Noris jokes and change them to Teddy jokes.

The inclusion of the Stooges sets this release apart from other in the genre. My son was very excited to see these.

Do you believe?

When I saw this card I immediately started whistling the Globetrotter song.

Princess Grace, stunning as ever.

Panini has much love for Harmon, he is all over their products.

The best ponytail on TV, ever.

What a beast

Kareem should get more hobby love.

They also have mini versions
One per pack as per the standard. They also have the standard different backs.

They have some other inserts that are pretty fun.

These are little fold out stand up cards. I am a big fan. I loved Donruss popups back in the day. My son wants to punch these out so bad.

They have a bunch of horse racing themed stuff. I just don’t care about horse racing so can’t get all that excited about these.

I got a couple of these headline cards. They are a mix of sports and world events.

The breakdown seems to be an auto and relic per box.

Pretty cool. My first card with a piece of a dress.

My auto is pretty killer.
Hell yeah. Who doesn’t want an on card auto of a Gold medalist.

The set is cool. like I said I enjoyed opening it and there are some monster hits to be found. The autos are top notch. Panini has been coming correct with a ton of on card sets lately.

This box arrived yesterday and felt right opening it around Christmas, not sure why though.

Thanks again to Tracy.



5 responses to “I wish I lived in the Golden Age…

  1. Looks like a really fun set. the selection of subjects is great. The only things I’m than thrilled about is the oval design with the huge border. I realize that it’s retro and all. Just my personal taste. I’m a full bleed kind of guy.

  2. The borders need a little color or contrast but I like the subject matter. I grew up in the ’50’s.

  3. Dang I’m going to have to get myself that Lil Luis.


  4. I like the set but the color used for the design bugs me (to many yellow tones) and like you pointed out with the red box, it seems out of place and a bulls eye when looking at the card. I am not a big fan of colorizing black and white pictures for the base set either.

    But… there is such a cool checklist and the 10 Three Stooges base cards make it worthy of hunting down singles. I love the popups, I am with your son on this one, punch them out and stand those bad boys up. I think Panini did a wonderful job with the inserts overall.

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