A few of the good ones…

Chris over at Cards Infinity is holding a monster giveaway.

Chris is easily one of the best dudes in the hobby. He was nice enough to talk to us last year.

He is giving away a TON of cards to his loyal customers and the masses that watch his videos. The bulk of the stuff being given away comes from his own shop. He is giving them away just because he is a good dude.

We need moe Chris Justices.

Chris also got goodies to give away from a few of the manufacturers.

Arielle Dorsky from Topps sent a few boxes. I don’t know her but may have to reach out to her to see if she will talk to me for an interview.

Tracy sent a stack of boxes, probably about $500 worth. Tracy and Chris are my picks for the two best dudes in the hobby.

Brian Gray from Leaf sent a ton of goodies including 3 boxes of best of Football. Those three boxes are about $700. How’s that for taking care of your fans. Brian is a guy you can tell truly loves cards and his products show that love.

I spoke to both Tracy and Brian last year for interviews. They are both really good dudes.

This post isn’t so much to get you to run over and sign up (but I am sure you will) but more so to encourage folks to reach out to these fine folks and thank them for their generosity.

None of these folks had to do this, they really came correct when the opportunity to give back to the collectors was presented.

If you are in the market for a box or two swing by Chris’s website and give him some business.

Thanks to all these folks from the Mojo Beard!



2 responses to “A few of the good ones…

  1. Hi Kevin, how can we get in on Chris’ card giveaway?

  2. Unfortunately it already happened

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