So shiny…

I like a good basketball card and a nice non auto/relic rookie.

The lack of Topps chrome left me with a little void in my collecting. Well thanks to Panini no more…

I present to you Prizm.

Truth be told a better comparison is Finest, but none the less it fills what I saw as a pretty big need in the hoops realm.

A box runs around $100 and offers a sizable stack of nice cards.

With the double rookie year it offers a mess of rookies, the biggest being this dude.

Damian Lillard is a close second and may even overtake Kyrie if things keep going the way they are.

I like that the rookies have regular old cards. It reminds me of the good old days.

The set also has legends.
In a game of dominant big men few were bigger and more dominant than Kareem. As a bespectacled individual I always like seeing a player in glasses.

Of all the greats that came out of the golden age of bball The Admiral may be my favorite. Lets run down his resume.
-ROY award, yup
-MVP, yup
-NBA championship, double yup
-Member of the dReam Team, yup
-Member of the NBAs 50 greatest all time, yup
-HOFer, yup

It offers some inserts. These are less prevalent than in many other Panini sets, I got three in my box.
Double upped on Kyrie, pretty nice.

These again remind me of Finest, and that is good thing.


This was a big man box alla round. I like the textured look of the background.

The star of the show, as always, are the rookie autos.

I love the look of these. A simple variation on the base design.

I got this guy too

Another relic free release. A trend?

The biggest draws are the “prizm” cards, think Panini’s version of refractors. They run about 2 per box, even though I found 3 in my box. They offer a nice parallel that can bring a premium on ebay. They also have colored versions. Guys like Lillard has colors variations selling for hundreds!

My favorite offering from Prizm are the Team USA cards. i didn’t get one but they are pretty bad-ass.

The box was a lot of fun to bust. It’s a mess of packs with lots of goodies.



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