Sports Town blaster…

One of my Christmas presents was a pair of these

A little high end flavor from the Target card isle.

Each box has just one NFL draft pick auto. Lets see how I did.

A lineman so a little ho-hum. I do like the look of the cards.

Two things I will draw to your attention.

-The background features the skyline of the players new town, cool.
-The background of the auto area says the name of the city, it’s very hard to see in the scan.

The cards are on-card autos. The background kinda makes it look like a sticker though.

My next guy was a little better.

Sanu is a decent young receiver, so this may turn out to be a solid card.

I like this set fine. There are cards of the big dogs in the draft and all the cards are low numbered. The big guys are as low as 20 and from what I can so the highest number of any card is about 150.

I think boxes are $20 so it’s a pretty low cost roll of the dice.



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