So here we are again…

At the beging of the season I never thought the Vikings would be on the verge of making the playoffs.

I assumed the season would be a wash and they would have to go into next years draft still looking for a solid QB. Well that last part may still be true.

The Vikings have had a solid year. They have played well above expectations. They relied on solid D and offense sparked by AP.

I don’t think he will break the single season rushing record, but he still had an MVP caliber year. I have a mess of his rookie but one stands out above all other in my collection.
I love this card!

Etopps was ultimately a failed experiment but they did turn out some nice looking cards.

I think AP should be the MVP and comeback player. If they get to the post season he very well may be.

The Vikings need to win today to make it to the playoffs. In the way are the Packers. The Vikes have always had a way of beating them when they aren’t supposed to so I have faith.

If they do they will be going in with major momentum. This can really help push a team, juts ask the 2007 and 2011 Giants.



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