Refractor time…

Back in 2007 I busted a ton of Bowman DPP wax. I must have opened 3 boxes and a mess of lose wax. I came away with a pile of refractors. Regular refractors, xfractors, blue ones and even a red one numbered to 5.

Over the next few years I busted at least a box a year but never seemed to pull various ‘fractors like those ’07 boxes.

I thought maybe the heyday or colored refractor pulls was behind me.

Then I picked up a box of ’12 DPP.

Check it…

6 regular refractors, more than in the last few years for sure.

Not a fractor but…
2 blue base varriations

an orange base

I don’t think it’s an xfractor, I think these are ice or something.

The real good stuff…
Blue Refractors are the best parallels hands down!

I love Gooooooooold!

Is it just me or have others found an increase in parallels and refractors I this years Bowman DPP?



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