Totally dude…

There is a way to do it right and Panini got it right with Totally Certified.

I have stated many times my love of simple non-auto/relic and TC delivers.
The scan doesn’t do it justice.

The base are fine but the colored variations are what this product is all about!

Very nice.

I didn’t pull any gold, green or black. If you are lucky enough they can bring major bank. Even blue versions of guys like Kyrie and Lillard can sell for $30. Not bad for a simple non-auto. Green versions of the big guys can sell for hundereds.

TC is a fun product with a hit per pack. Let’s take a peak at how I did.

I pulled 3 jersey cards out of my six packs.

Man, like 10 year ago this card would have been crazy huge!

This year Panini seems to have added a lot more retired player relics, always welcome.

The other three packs had autos.

I pulled two rookies.
A T-Wolf, nice!

I like that this card is numbered 007. Johnson, Orlando Johnson.

I like the look of these and the name “Rookie Roll Call”.

My last hit was sweet!
Mr. Crew Cut himself! Numbered to just 15!

The Green versions of the base continue to be a huge hit with collectors so TC still carries a lot of buzz.

I am a fan.



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