It’s the sport of kings…

… better than diamond rings, that’s why we’re hear to sing…football.

How great was the movie Wildcats! Easily the best movie starring Goldie Hawn, Woody Harrelson and Snipes!

The Vikings took on the packers tonight.
I don’t want to talk about it.

Anyway here are some reviews to help dull the pain.

Panini Black and Absolute!

Lets go Absolute first.

The Base design is standard fair for Absolute.
That isn’t a shot, I like standard Absolute base cards. By the way what happened to MJD?

The color scheme varies slightly team to team.
It’s not as apparent on the football as on basketball though. I wish it was more pronounced.

The rookies are cool. I really wish all rookies had non-auto versions. I would love an RG3 with this design.

I got one rookie base auto.
A nice hit right here. Irvin had a solid year. He had 8 sacks and was a big peace of the Seahawks success. I would argue even more so than Russell Wilson.

I would also like to point out how nice his signature looks. Nice to see a guy that took his time.

Spectrum variations in Absolute are some of the oldest parallels in the hobby.

I got a few but this is the top.
Gold to 75.

This box would have been a great get for a Bills with these two pulls.

TJ needs to talk to Bruce Irvin about his signature.

This years Absolute is dead on for the brand.


This is a new entry to the cardboard world. It’s a tad higher end than Absolute and is a one pack per box deal. The pack is mad thick too, like a brick.

The base cards are cool and thick, like 100pt thick.

The base cards are numbered to 349, so a very low print run for a base set.

My only complaint about cards this thick is they are really hard to get into 9 pocket pages.

The inserts in this set are strong!
I really like the look of this card. The landscape layout and the close up look great. This card looks tough.

Nice but not as nice as the Steve Young card.

Most of the pack is hits and here are mine.

I also got a redemption for a McLellin auto.

I thought they had different types of stickers, but I think they actually just have different backgrounds.

Charles is only numbered to 50. I am not sure if he is an SP or this is a lower numbered variation.

I got one patch card.
A nice big patch piece, cool.

What is with all the Rams I keep pulling this year. I swear half my autos from this class are either Brian Quick or Isaiah Pead, speaking of which.


I hope at least one of these guys becomes a star.

I have never been the biggest fan of black cards with gold autos but these look pretty slick.

So we got a tried and true set in Absolute and a new guy in Black. Both are pretty slick and worth a look.

By the way, do they still make blaster boxes of Absolute?



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