So the baseball writers, well to be fair some of the baseball writers, decided there will be no Christmas this year.

Out of the massive list of players up for induction we get nada.

I am a bit upset about this. I honestly think there was enough tallent on the ballot to warrant at least one inductee.

From what I have read a number of voters chose to send in blank ballots. Something I consider to be a bit of a jerk move. The reason given was not that they felt no one was good enough but that they took a cop out. To paraphrase they don’t know what to think of the steroid thing so they decided to hold their breath and say they didn’t want to play anymore. Fine, if you don’t want to play then go home, but by sending in a blank ballot you are actually hurting the game and the players that are known to have been clean.

I think Bud Selig needs to come out and be honest about the steroid era. Just about everyone including the league, the fans, the owners, the players and the sport media benefited from the homerun surge of the late’90s and early’00s. We all need to take ownership of this fact and move on.

If anyone is going to be honest they need to admit if something should be done about steroids it should have been done in 1998. Some of the same writers and fans that are choosing to climb on their high horse were awfully quiet when the homerun chase was selling papers.

This should be a fun time for fans of baseball and baseball cards. We should be debating who got in and who didn’t. We should be running out and buy rookies of the new inductees. Digging out old cards that get new life on hot lists, all that good stuff.

This year it sucks. There is no joy in baseball, the mighty writers have struck out!



4 responses to “Booooo!

  1. In IMO I think Piazza and Bagwell used PED’s. The injuries they had seem to be consistent with long term PED use. Jack Morris and Lee Smith should’ve been in this year if anybody. Heck you could’ve put in Dale Murphy this year and people would’ve been happy with that. Regardless, I feel that Mike Schmidt said it best: “Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt said in an email to The Associated Press after this year’s vote was announced. “This generation got rich. Seems there was a price to pay for it as well.”

  2. Don’t forget Piazza’s book comes out next month and who knows what that will put a spin on next.

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