What a great card…

Sometimes things are so awesome we forget how truly awesome they are.

Case in point.
The 1975 Topps George Brett rookie.

Truly one of my favorite cards and a perfect baseball card.

Let me run down the list:
-Great picture of the player
-Captures that moment in time (both the image and design)
-Has a cool an unique design
-Is of a truly great player
-Is a card instantly recognized by collectors
-Has a nice value
-Is just plain badass!

It may be my favorite card.

It is the one card I drooled over as a kid. I lusted after this card!

Owning one gives me far more satisfaction that any 20 relic or auto cards combined.



2 responses to “What a great card…

  1. Agreed–truly a classic RC of an outstanding player!

  2. All the color in the picture compliment the design and vice versa. I love how Brett is posing on the third base line. Plus, you’ve got to love spring training facilities…chain link fence!

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