How did I miss this…

Somehow I came found myself checking out Reggie Jackson’s wikipedia page.

I was surprised to learn he playerd for the Orioles in the mid ’70s.
I had no idea he had a stop in B-more between Oakland and New York!

I know how this happened though.

A large percentage of my baseball knowledge, especially for the time period before I was an active witness to the game, is based upon baseball cards. See Reggie never had a card from his time with the O’s until very recently.

Ya learn something new everyday!



6 responses to “How did I miss this…

  1. I made a 1977 Topps card dedicated to Reggie’s season in Baltimore. Feel free to check it out! (

  2. 1988 Score

  3. Reggie had a Baltimore card in 1988 Score’s 5 card tribute to him. He also had an Orioles card in last year’s 87 Topps minis. I think there are a couple more, but I don’t know them.

  4. I am sad to say I can remember that SI cover. I think I have seen a few Reggie O’s cards in recent issues. maybe Topps National Chicle or Tristar OBAK.

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