Limited engagement…

I like tiny little boxes of cards with like 10 or less cards and a couple hits.

They are fun, tend to give you a couple of nice rookie autos and maybe a patch all for around a $100 or less.

Limited is just such a product.

Here is what I found in my box.

The base cards are nice and shiny.
I would call them mirrory

On the topic of D Wade. Apparently he is a dirty player. A number of players have stated he is about as bad as anyone in the league. This isn’t all that uncommon for great players. Larry Bird was known as being a bit dirty in his day.

Here is a guy that also possesses a reputation…
…best beard in the NBA, or maybe in the whole universe!

Harden isa beats. He is averaging 29 point per game in January and has scored at least 25 points a game going all the way back to mid December. Baller numbers!

My one relic was this dude.
I like the landscape jersey piece.

Billups sure has been around a while. He has an NBA title to show for it. not too bad.

He also has two FIBA gold medals.

Even though he has played for something like 46 different teams I will always think of him as a Piston.

I got one of these cool clear autos.
Die-cut and acetate!

This card is off the chain when it comes to card technology!

These are cool enough but are kind of annoying when sorting cards, it keeps slipping and poking me in the hand with the corner, and being plastic it is slightly sharp. So let this be a warning, take care when handeling Limited rookie autos. Maybe I will contact Panini about selling a set of limited safety gloves… I am rambling, my daughter hasn’t been sleeping so I am tired.

Here is the star of the box.

or shall I say


That is “what” in German according to google.

This is a monster pull!

Dirk is huge and has major pull overseas. He also doesn’t sign a ton so his stuff is always in demand.

Not too shabby.

It would have been better if I puled a K-Love, but then again that would depress me as he broke his hand again.

Anyway this is a cool product.

I am going to get some sleep before my little princess decides it’s time to scream and jump up and down in her crib again.



2 responses to “Limited engagement…

  1. Those die-cut acetate cards look fantastic! I’ll have to see if any of my Blazers are on those cards!

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