I love the ’80s…

Remember that show on VH1 a few years back.

Anyway. I came of age in the ’80s so when I say I love the ’80s I mean my memories of that time, not all the neon and big hair bullshit many associate with the ’80s.

In particular I am a fan of the players and cards of that time.

I was looking through my collection of hof rookie cards and got to thinking about shortstops. Back then we had three monsters guarding the gap. So who was the best?

Ok the easy pick is this guy.

Cal is one of the biggest names in the game as well as a top 1% on cardboard. No matter when he shows up his cards are gonna be near the top of the pack value wise.

He was a solid shortstop and had a monster bat for the position.

But what about this guy

As a kid in the ’80s when you said shortstop only one guy came to mind, the Wizard!

His bat wasn’t as big as Cal’s but he had a glove touched by the lord almighty himself.

Plus he could do a back flip.

Then we also had this dude.
I always forget Yount was a shortstop.

Man this isn’t going to be easy.

Yount and Ripkin both have two MVP trophies. Yount picked up one as a shortstop and one as a center fielder. Both of Cals were at short.

Both guys have 3000 hits, and Yount has a slightly higher lifetime average.

But…they only have 3 gold gloves between the two of them. Both these guys were known as much far their bat as their glove.

Yount is lucky he was playing for the Brewers before they moved to the NL where Ozzie won ever Gold Glove at short from 1980-1992.

His bat was easily the weakest though.

So who is the top?

I am gonna go Ozzie. I would argue the other two are better all around players, and I would say Yount is the best pure player of the bunch. But if you pick anyone other than Ozzie to guard the gap you are just crazy!




5 responses to “I love the ’80s…

  1. “Back then we had three monsters guarding the gap.”

    AHEM. Those three were awesome but you left out a guy who clearly belongs in that group: Alan Trammell.

  2. This is a good question and not nearly as easy as it appears. I think the variable in the equation is “what is the strength of the rest of your team?” If you have a strong offensive club, then Ozzie, the strongest defender, is without a doubt the pick. If your team is strong on defense, but is weak on power then Ripken, the strongest offensive player, should be the choice. If your team is about average across the board, then the choice should be Yount…the best combination of offense and defense.

    If I didn’t know the makeup of my team, then I would choose Yount.

  3. What’s wrong with neon and big hair?

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