What the deal…

So is the NHL back? I am very confused.

I think I heard something about a tentative agreement and a shortened season but I haven’t seen anything for sure.

See I am in a self imposed sports media blackout.

I am still mad about the HOF deal. The Vikes lost so no reason to follow football. In basketball Kevin Love keeps breaking his hand so that is depressing. I am not up to date. Driving to work I think I heard Opie from Opie and Anthony mention the NHL would be back in a few weeks. Both Opie and Jim Norton are former card collectors by the way.

So what the deal. I bet DFG knows whats up.

I hope it’s true for one reason.
My boy Justin Faulk is on the brink of a breakout!

Truth is he had a breakout last season as a rookie but he will be even bigger once the NHL returns!



5 responses to “What the deal…

  1. Well, they put out a schedule. Sadly my chance to see my Rangers in Dallas is by the boards (pun intended) and isn’t part of the new schedule. I’m going to have to force myself to even care about the rest of the years. NHL=fools

  2. Can’t wait for Saturday!

  3. i’m with ya, that kid’s a beast

  4. I pulled my first Faulk from a Panini Prime box I bought recently. Quad jersey auto! Oh yeah!

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