Monster pick up…

I sold some stuff on the old ebay and had some paypal cash burning a hole in my pocket. I lost a number of auctions trying to pick up a Nolan Ryan rookie and decided to change gears.

I started searching for a nice mid grade Dr. J rookie. I couldn’t find one in my price range and then I found this…
Hells yeah!

The Big Man!

What a great card.

Early ’70s topps basketball cards are a steal right now. This beauty cost me just over a benny. Kareem is one of the top 5 players all time. This card will never not be cool. It is easily one of the top 5 basketball cards all time.

I love the little dudes playing ball around the photo, so awesome.

The card is one of the oversized deals so the case is enormous.

It’s graded a 4 but looks a lot better than that to me. The biggest thing is the north/south centering, it’s pretty low. I bet I could send it back in and get it graded like a 7.5 OC.

I am really happy to add this to the old collection.

I am still looking for Dr. J and Moses Malone rookies. I really believe the next hot thing on cardboard will be ’70s bball rookies.



2 responses to “Monster pick up…

  1. Kareem is great for also playing co-pilot Roger Murdock in AIRPLANE! It was so funny when he had that bitch fest on that kid! On a side note, I would seriously have that card regraded.

  2. I’ve always loved this card, even if I don’t love Kareem. Good pick up.

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