Stan “The Man” Musial…

We just lost one of the greats.

Stan Musial was one of the greatest baseball players ever.

I would put him in the top five hitters of all time without a second thought.He was also one of the great ambassadors of the game and a guy that truly loved the game.

He didn’t have a ton of cards in his playing days so if you see one grab it.

He had many autos, and for some reason they are relatively cheap considering he was a far better player than guys like Mantle whose autos sell for far more.

This card has been one of my favorites since the day I got it.
Now it is bitter sweet.

It’s sad but often we don’t really recognize true greatness until it is gone.



2 responses to “Stan “The Man” Musial…

  1. I have one of his Auto’s, so looking forward to a tribute card on “The Man”

  2. Stan was The Man. I agree about his autos being relatively inexpensive but more in contrast to those of some of today’s players. Certainly Mantle wasn’t the great person that Stan was but he was a great ballplayer.

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