Happy Inauguration day…

I loved in DC for 3 years. When I say DC I don’t mean the DC metro area, I mean straight up DC. I lived on F Street about 4 blocks from the White house.

So, whenever I see major events in DC on the news, such as the inauguration, I get a twinge of anxiety. Every time there was a protest, or a rally or whatever it meant cops on my street, and blockades everywhere and an extra 2 blocks i had to walk to get to the grocery store.

That said I am excited for the inauguration. This is the first time my son is old enough to know what is going on. He is very excited about the whole thing, and rightfully so.

He is a big Obama fan, mainly because he is the only president he remembers. He was born during the reign of W, but he was too little to know what was going on.

I am an Obama fan myself. My political beliefs lean to the left.

I am also a fan of Obama because he is the most card-boarded (I just made that up) of any sitting president.

Here are a few highlights.

Here he is looking very presidential.

Here we get to the core of why he is such a beloved cardboard figure.

Obama is a major sports fan. He does a bracket for march madness every year. He openly talks about his love of chicago teams. He even caused a bit of a stir (not really but the media needs stuff to keep the 24 hour cycle going) when he wore White Sox gear to throw out the first pitch at the All Star game a few years back.

I like that he is a fan and will root for his team. Even though it is the rival squad of my beloved twins.

While not the first president with a card, I do believe he is the first president with manu-patches.

POTUS even has a rookie card!

So lets all put are partisan bickering aside and celebrate this day!



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