Ab Fab…

Is it wrong to love a product because of it’s packaging?

I don’t think so!

Absolute ha te best packaging of any product. The little McDonalds Apple Pie boxes are just too darn fun !

Oh yeah, the cards are cool too.

This card is the reason I didn’t get this post up sooner. K-loves busted hand and the t-wolves sudden drop have me far too depressed.

The Twins blow, the Vikes did OK but still eat it every year and now the T-Wolves, a team that was supposed to be OK stinks on ice!

How do you bust your hand twice in like 5 weeks!

Anyway, the card is pretty sweet. The colors is far more impressive in person than on my scanner.

The team color used in the background really pops in person.
See how the purple really adds to the overall look!

I love team colors in a card design!

How about another Kevin!
You can never have enough Kevin’s.

My wife is reading over my shoulder and disagrees.

They also have retired players.
Hooray, Mugsy!

Now for the hits.

One was a redemption for Kendrick Perkins frequent Flyer auto, cool enough.

I also got this guy.
I really like the look of these rookie autos. Very simple and clean!

This dude was the star auto of the box.
Hells yeah, on card auto of one of the top 5 rookies! Score!

The best card was killer!
A patch of super duper star Timmy D!

I think the patch is the top pice of the little Spur deal form the front of the uni.

3 autos and a patch of a future HOFer, what’s not to love!

Oh yeah and two Kevins.



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