Hooray for Hockey…

So, my boy…
…is tearing it up!

Young Mr. Faulk has a goal and an assist in 3 games. He is also +1 on the season. Very impressive considering his team got smoked the first two games.

As the ‘Canes improve Justin should prove to be one of the top young defense men in the league. He’s got all the pices and is getting a ton of playing time, like 26 minutes a game!

His teammate Jeff Skinner is also having a nice little season.
The youngster is only 20 and in his 3rd season. He has 3 goals on the season and look out once he warms up!

If you like having cards of the best and brightest in their sports then drop what you are doing and go to ebay and search for one of Justin Faulk’s autos from last year. He has a mess of nice autos from Panini such as the card up above. For less than $10 you can get a card of a future superstar.

Once that is done search for a Jeff Skinner UD Young Guns rookie. Like this one.
For less than $20 you can get a quality rookie of the leagues next big thing!



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