I don’t get it…

What’s all the fuss about that Manti Te’o guy.

I just can’t bring myself to care about an athletes fake girlfriend or whaetever.

I am also blown away that it would have any impact on his draft ranking. If he can sack QBs who cares about his internet love life. I sure don’t.



4 responses to “I don’t get it…

  1. No reason to care otherwise, but it’s thought that he may have invented the story of the “girlfriend” dying the same day as his grandmother to boost his Heisman chances (and therefore draft stock) because he then went out and played a big game against MSU, plus the rest of his great season. That, and all the other weirdness that’s come out of the investigation, could raise serious character issues, which can be real problems in the NFL–just look at all the dumbasses the Lions have drafted recently.

  2. It’s just amazing what passes for ‘news’ these days of innumerable media sources. The morning after this stupid story ‘broke’ Mike and Mike on ESPN were besides themselves over it. I headed right back to Sirius classic rock.

  3. It’s just a weird story. I was intrigued by it at first, but the stuff coming out now is just unnecessary details, not what I would call great reporting.

    He wasn’t in on it, that’s been proven. Once I knew that, it was time to move on, at least for ESPN or any other sports reporters (I don’t care about TMZ).

  4. I don’t care either but I guess if he’s that naive a team might worry about their big investment getting into trouble that will have an adverse effect on his performance.

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