Timeless Treasures…

Who doesn’t love a nice little tin of cards?

Everyone loves a little tin of cards!

Timeless Treasures Basketball comes in a tin featuring one of 4 top players in the game. Mine was Kyrie Irving.

The box gives you a little stack of some pretty cool and interesting cards.

The base cards are slick.
I dig these. The copper foil embossing is nice, very classy.

My box gave me 4 of these, Mr. Curry being the best of the crew.

I need to track down Kevin Love’s card for my collection.

I got one relic.
This card is both cool and sad.

Cool in that it is of HOFer and 20,000 point club member Clyde Drexler.

Sad in that it shows off late career balding Clyde. Also sad in that this is what LeBron James is going to look like in 5 years.

Kidding aside this is a solid single color relic card. I like the design.

Here is where it gets interesting.
To really get a sense of what this is all about let me show you the back.


The little auto window is just that, a window.

This would really be slick if it was on card, or on window.

Panini has been busting out all kinds of new things this year. I appreciate the creativity.

The last card was super bad-ass.
Hells yeah!

Kareem in the house!

I like this subset. They are all on card and look very classy.

This will go perfectly with my Kareem rookie.

Timeless? Only time will tell.

Treasures? In my case I say yes!



One response to “Timeless Treasures…

  1. Great auto pull. That’s good karma for showing off his RC recently!

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