Who ya got…

I was watching Barry Sanders 30 for 30 last night and it got me thinking about Eric Dickerson. That got me thinking about his rookie card. That got me thinking about the epic 1984 Topps football set.

When you think about 1984 Topps the inevitable outcome is looking at Marino and Elway.

It’s a great comparison. Two of the all time great QBs, two guys that optimize ’80s football. They are also two of the all time great football rookie cards.

The question is who is the best?

It’s difficult to answer; actually it’s not at all. Elway has two rings so he is clearly the better player.

But on cardboard it a little different.

Elway is a legit superstar. An all American QB.

His card is pretty cool. I love the classic design. His photo is pretty cool. Elway wet behind the ears, so many years ahead of him.

Marino is the classic example of how winning the big game is really all that matters. You can’t mention Marino without mentioning his lack of a ring. Peyton Manning was called the Marino of his generation before he got his ring.

But his card kicks much ass!

The same design as Elway but the colors are better and the photo is perfect!

So they split.



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