We have a winner…

So in a few days it will be Super Bowl Sunday.

I don’t have a dog in this fight so to help me decide who I think will win I will go to the tried and true method; who has the better jerseys!

Lets start on the east coast.

Honestly I think Baltimore has one of the worst jerseys in the league.

Two main tings bother me about these jerseys.

First off the numbers. I have the font they use. It’s so weird looking. It is especially bad on the 5s, just look.


What’s with the weird shadow thing they have going on. Not a fan.

Second is the color scheme. I have no issue with purple. I am a vikings fan and the school colors of the grad school I attended also included purple.

What I don’t like is the combination of purple and black. Black paired with any dark color just looks cheap to me. It’s jaring to look it. For black to work it needs to be paired with a lighter color, like red or yellow or even silver.

So in summary, not a fan of the Ravens jerseys.

San Fran
Big fan of these.

The color scheme is simple and works well. Red and white, nothing wrong with that.

The jersey is also simple and classic. No embellishment except the stripes around the sleeves. I don’t dislike the modern heavily designed jersey like my Vikings or the Seahawks, but I do appreciate the old school simplicity of my stealers or the 49ers.

Based on jerseys I say it the 49ers in a walk!



2 responses to “We have a winner…

  1. I’m rooting for the 49ers, simply because of Randy Moss. I still love him, always have, and still collect him. Though if the Ravens win, I’ll be pretty happy for Matt Birk.

  2. Yes, but if you compare helmets I’ll bet it would be closer. The 49ers are classic but the raven logo is very cool. Being a Bears fan, with no Black and Blue division rival playing, I’m pulling for the NFC Niners.

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