Hells yeah…

It’s about darn time.

Chris Carter is a HOFer!


It took a little longer than it should have but in the end justice is served.

CC had some of the best hands the game has ever seen. Other guys may have had more flash but #80 was mister reliability. He is number three all time in receptions and number four in TDs.

He started his career as a troubled young player but eventually turned it around to become a role model for others. In 1998 he and Randy Moss had arguably the best season by a pair of receivers ever.

He saw a parade of QBs in Minnesota, we can only imagine how much greater he could have been if he had the chance to develop as a tandem with a consistent QB like Montana/Rice or Manning/Harrison.

I am glad he finally made it in. Maybe tomorrow Moss will get a ring and there will be some justice for at least two of the guys from 1998.



2 responses to “Hells yeah…

  1. Finally… glad to see he finally made it in.

  2. Cris Carter was the man, so happy he got in. The Hall has been good for former Vikings the last few years.

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