I loved these…

I remember back in the late ’80s my father and I were at a card show, I think it was in Blain, a suburb of Mpls.

There was a group of probably college age guys standing around one of the dealers tables busting a couple boxes of a set none of us had seen before.

I remember them shouting, “here’s another one”, as they all high fived (it was the ’80s so this was OK), and then “another one, that’s 6 from one box!”.

As I got closer I could see they were busting thin light blue backs, as they shuffled through the cards I caught a glimpse of a card and heard” that’s the 7th Jordan from this box!”

The card I saw was this.

The guys were busting boxes of Collegiate Collectibles Tar Heals cards.

A little set that took the cardboard world by storm for a few short months back in 1989.

I remember boxes selling for as much as $75. Michael Jordan was the biggest name in the game and getting bigger everyday. His ’86 Fleer rookie was untouchable by most so pulling pre-rookie cards of the man was too much to pass up.

Granted they were printed in ’89 so they really weren’t pre-rookies but when has logic ever stopped card collectors from slapping down the cash?

MJ had something like 7 cards in the set. The one up top was my favorite with this one a close second.

The second biggest name in the set was James Worthy.
But lets be honest no one was buying this stuff for James.

My dad bought a box for him and me to split. We got every Jordan and it felt like winning the lottery.

Eventually the furver died down. Collegiate Collectable released a second Tar Heels set in ’90 along with sets of other schools. I don’t remember all of them but know they had an Auburn set focusing on Bo jackson, but none of them came close to the excitement of that first set.

The cards are near worthless now. You can buy boxes for a few bucks on ebay. It was sure fun while it lasted though.



One response to “I loved these…

  1. There are so many object lessons out there from the late-80s and early 90s. $75 was INSANE for a box back then, and now look where we are: it’s a routine price, but boxes from 20 years ago are worthless.

    Reminds me of a random box of mid-90s Donruss I bought in 2005 or so. It had something like a $90 sticker on it. I bought it for $10.

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