Then there is this…

I just finished writing up my Chris carter HOF post and then I saw that AP is MVP!
Hells yeah!

From busted knee to MVP, hey that rhymes!

I wish I had one of his rookie autos. That E-topps up there and this Sterling jersey,
and this Finest.
are my three best cards of the man.

So and MVP and a HOFer in one day! What could be better!

I’ll tell ya what, a Super Bowl win, that’s what. We may have had one if AP had learned to hold onto a football a few years earlier.



One response to “Then there is this…

  1. I only have his Topps rookie, but I have been putting away some coin the last 4 months for his SPA patch auto. The man is a beast, I can’t wait to see what he does next year. CONGRATS AP!!

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