How is should have ended…

As the Ravens lined up to punt with like 16 seconds on the clock I was so excited.

I pictured the 49ers getting a shot for one last play.

Kaepernick lines up in the shotgun and they send one man deep.

Not Crabtree, this guy


Randy Moss!

It would have been perfect! The pass is up, about 10 feet in the air as it reaches the end zone. Everyone goes up and Moss comes down with the ball, after a one handed grab worthy of a 1998 ESPN highlight real.

He is carried off the field Rudy style. His legacy sealed.

But instead we get a punter running around in the endzone for a safety.

It’s too bad Moss couldn’t get his ring.

He is still one of the greatest WRs ever and easily one of most dynamic playmakers off al time.
If only Gary hadn’t missed that kick in ’98…



5 responses to “How is should have ended…

  1. Who knows? Maybe something like that would have happened even earlier in the game if Moss had been playing like he actually gave a crap. He didn’t even pretend to make an effort on that interception. I was in his corner for a while, but at this point in his career, I wouldn’t want him on my team. Definitely one of the greatest WRs ever in terms of stats, but not a winner, sadly, and he’ll always have to wonder “what if?”

  2. ^ is this guy for real? smh

  3. 3 plays in the end zone Moss was wide open and overlooked in favor of Crabtree?? IMO that sailing fastball despite what anybody says could only have been caught by one man and that is Ed Reed.

  4. I’m usually with Dennis on things, but he’s a little off on this one. Moss played a heck of a game and was overlooked throughout most of it. I was actually really impressed.

  5. I don’t put any blame on Moss for San Fran losing the game (or Kevin for wanting his guy to succeed) but Moss has rightly earned the reputation for slacking when he’s not happy, which is when he’s not playing enough in his opinion. I realize that interception was overthrown, and that’s Kaep’s fault, but if you see your teammate acting like that, are you going to be dying to try to get him the ball again?

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