Huge news…

I may be a little late to the dance but I just heard there is a 5th president joining Teddy, Abe, George and TJ.

Thats right William H Taft, our 27th president with a strong connection to Baseball.

He was the 1st president to throw out the pitch at a game and may or may not have started the 7th inning stretch.

Pretty cool.

He may not be as big as the other four but I feel he is easily the best dressed. Very dapper in his pinstripes! He has a pretty sweet mustache as well.

I am still rooting for Teddy. He finally got a win last year,
teddys win
and is hands down my favroite president.

Teddy had little patience for government process and was famous for using his executive power to just blast things through congress. Hysterical!

So lets welcome Bill to the dance!



3 responses to “Huge news…

  1. I heard about this one. I was hoping for one of three choices.

    Gerald Ford – would always fall down before the finish

    Ronald Reagan – would look confused and run the wrong direction sometimes

    Richard Nixon – would cheat to win the race

    Alas, my hopes went for naught. Taft is best known for being the fattest President and yet he looks positively svelte. He should at least have been shown as a little bit tubby.

  2. How about Clinton or Kennedy and all they do is stop half way though the race to talk to girls in the crowd

  3. That’s a good one.

    A little controversial would be to have an FDR on wheels. There’s no way they could do that in our modern PC culture though. Someone would be offended.

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