Seaking HOF Nominations…

We need our own HOF. A cardboard HOF!

Not the best players, but the most collectable and most epic of the men and women ever put to cardboard.

I am going to follow the baseball model and start things off with an epic first class. Just like baseball we will induct Five.

The Original Five!

So who do we include?

An easy pick is Mickey Mantle.

I would also say Nolan Ryan and Michael Jordan are easy picks.

Then who?

Griffey? Jeter? Gretzky? Pujols?

What about a guy like Bo Jackson?

Submit your nominations as a comment and let us know why you pick your entry.

Keep in mind this isn’t really about who is the better player/athlete, this is all about their cards, the most valuable, collectible, sought after, memroable, etc…



16 responses to “Seaking HOF Nominations…

  1. My ballot would be Mantle, Jordan, Griffey, Tiger Woods, Honus Wagner.

    • I thought for sure you were gonna include Vick

      • Before prison, maybe for his SPA Auto/Patch. Now, not so much. I was trying to think of a UVA alum to counter with, but it turns out none of them were relevant in sports.

      • Just released, UVa is the #1 state school according to the Princeton Review

      • I would agree with that. It’s a great school. Other state schools can’t really compete with the breadth and quality of what’s offered as far as majors goes.

        But, since I’m an engineer, I will note that VT’s engineering school is superior. The food at VT is superior too, but I don’t think you’ll argue that one.

      • It’s funny you mention the engineering thing, I was just talking about that very topic with a colleague this afternoon.

        The thing about Virginia is it has far more top ranked state schools than just about any other state. Tech is a big part of that.

        And you are right, VT food rules. Hands down the best college food in the country!

        But I just have to say one thing…Marcus Vick.

  2. Mantle, Jordan, Griffey, Wagner, and Nolan Ryan

  3. 1) Gordie Howe-the best player of his generation and quite a few generations after. He has epic cards that span through five decades. He has always been at the top of the list for hockey collectors and has remained loyal to his sport by staying accessible to fans.

    2) Honus Wagner-how can you not include him? He has the most iconic, talked about, publicized, and sought after cards in the universe.

    3) Mickey Mantle-probably the most collected baseball player. Sales of his cards in good condition become the talk of auctions, shows, and conventions all the time.

    4) Michael Jordan-most iconic basketball player and athlete probably ever. He created the basketball card market when all the kids wanted to be like Mike. I wouldn’t have cared about the sport at all if it wasn’t for him. Between licensed and non licensed products, he most likely has the most cards of any other athlete in any sport.

    5) Ken Griffey, Jr- lets face it…like him or not, this guys cards changed how modern collecting is done. PERIOD! No Cardboard HOF would be legit without acknowledging that fact.

  4. I think Babe Ruth deserves some thought as well. That 1933 Goudey Ruth is as iconic as just about any card out there.

    I would vote Wagner, Ruth, Mantle, Jordan, Griffey.

    I wanted to include a football guy, but who? Namath? Payton? Montana?

  5. Dave Bergman’s 1987 Topps #700 card, and Oscar Gamble’s 1976 Topps Traded (if the ‘fro will fit in the Hall of Fame).

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