Weird things make me happy…

I was checking out pictures of the sick 2012 Contenders football rookie autos on the Panini blog.

The on-card versions are pretty dang awesome.
One of the best looking designs yet!

That’s not what made me happy, this is.
I love the big bold green background on the ticket!

I mean I really love the way it looks, it actually made me smile.

I love green and blue together so this card is perfect.



4 responses to “Weird things make me happy…

  1. @#$%&*^ sticker autos! Why not on card? Most of the contenders tickets I’ve seen have been the @##&*#$ sticker autos. On card seems to be a lost art anymore. Maybe I’m not over my hatred for sticker autos but on a side note I think it’s great that they did the retro design this year. My Tom Brady Championship auto ticket rookie card is the greatest contenders card that own and I love it because it’s an on card auto. Sigh……….and if they don’t use the stickers then you’re stuck in redemption hell. You cut off your arm to save your leg I guess.

    • Yup, the harsh truth is on-card autos means more redemptions or less autos of some of the more desirable players. Companies can’t force players to sign.

      Stickers help reduce the number of redemptions and late releases.
      but at the cost of in some peoples eyes less desirable cards. It’s a tough call either way.

      In his interview with MojoBeardy Chris from UD talks about this topic, he says that if we continue to have such a focus on auto cards things like redemptions and stickers will remain a reality. The popularity of the PMG cards, colored refractors and gold Prizm cards may be a step in the right direction.

  2. Yeah Chris is right about that. He mentioned it before in email that I had sent to him a long while ago about the subject. Funny thing though today……we went to our LCS and I picked up a few packs of strata since he had them cheap and out of 6 picks I pulled a lovely Mark Barron rookie auto redemption card……probably a sticker auto to boot! SEE….I cursed myself! LOL!

  3. I’d take the wait for a on card auto redemption over an instant sticker auto. I’m not in it for selling though, so the wait is fine by me.

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