Panini Limited break…

I have been opening a lot of smaller one pack per box products lately. It’s been kinda nice, a lot less to sort and put away.

The most recent was 2012 Limited Football.

The amazing 2012 rookie class makes any 2012 product a great break, this was no different.

Base Cards
You only get a few and they are very nice looking.

I am not sure why but I really like the net looking deal in the background. It’s funny to hold up modern card next to a card from just 10 years ago, the photo quality is so much better.

I also got a low numbered Spotlight variation numbered to 49. a nice enough looking parallel.

Remember when Matt Cassel was a big deal in the hobby, remember Matt Flynn, and remember Kevin Kolb, me neither.

I was really hoping Vernon would get a ring.

A solid single color relic card.

I like giant jersey pieces.

There is one thing about this card I find peculiar, and it’s not the little tab across the bottom corner of the relic piece many other have pointed out.

Nope it’s the tiny “Jets” in the top left corner, here is a loser look.
Isn’t that weird? It’s so tiny, I wonder why they included it?

My big hit was pretty solid.
I like letterman autos. I don’t want ever auto signed on a relic but every now and then they are cool.

These are selling pretty well on the secondary market. Probably due to the low print runs, this is to 6.

Fun fact, that is pretty much what my signature looked like about 10 years ago.

Not a bad break. There is enough cool stuff to keep it interesting.



2 responses to “Panini Limited break…

  1. Looks like you had a pretty nice breax. The letterman cards are always nice…at least to me, just wish there was more space for the players to sign.

  2. You know why your letterman is numbered to 6? I think you got one of the rookie premiere used letters from an actual nameplate. Not a manufactured relic. Congrats. (6 letters in the last night WRIGHT)

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