A Crown fit for Royalty…

I have gone on record as a fan of Crown Royale.

What do I think of this years set? Let’s see.
I am a fan of the landscape orientation of the base cards.

I like landscape. I do a ton of various budget and number reports and they are almost always formated to be landscape so they fit one a single page when printed. Not really about cards but now you know a little more about me, isn’t that nice?

The Crown plays a bigger role on these than the last few years. That is a big plus in my book.

Big Chris is numbered to 49, I got two golds in my box.

I like the plain non-auto rookies, i wish the big guys also had non-auto base rookies.

This years inserts all have a similar look so I pressent them as a team.


I got a low numbered red version of one of them as well.

I am torn on these. They look cool and tough with the dark colors. But they also get a bit lost in their own design because of the dark colors.

I like the themes on these.

The Hits!
these really work as relic cards.

My complaint here is on the design, specifically the tan on the side. I would have continued the blue to the edge or had the silver embossing come down the side. The tan sides doesn’t match the top.

I also got a green rookie auto

The score of the box, and the entire set was this little guy.
I love these cards. I haven’t wanted one of the rookie silhouettes since the first release a few years ago, I am glad to finally have one!

Crown Royale has it’s core fans and this year is sure to keep them happy.



4 responses to “A Crown fit for Royalty…

  1. Love the Orakpo and Garçon! Any thoughts of trading them?

  2. did you pull a Randy Moss?

  3. Not in this, but I think I did in either Contenders or Prizm

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