What a mess…

A case of Topps 2013 Jumbos gave me 60 of these guys.

I have been a HUGE fan of the various Topps redemption deals over the last few years.

I have landed a few rookies, including a HOFer (Puckett) and a stack of cool Die-Cuts.

Last night I saw this years site was up and went to register. I put in my info and got a little message stating a confirmation e-mail was sent. I checked no e-mail so I checked again, and again, and again, then I went to bed, and got up and went to work and checked again and it was finally there, 12 hours later.

I waited until I got home and opened the e-mail. I clicked the link, and nothing. I finally just closed the window. I tried again, same deal.

Eventually I confirmed my account and logged in. I entered the first code…and waited…and waited…finally in the middle of the page a little message popped up. It just said Joe Mauer. No picture or anything. I entered two more codes. Not even a name. I know the codes were accepted because when I tried to re-enter them it said they had been entered.

I wonder who they are?

If I try to view my roster I just get a blank screen.

I am a little bummed.

Hopefully it is just a bug and will be fixed but it has been a little frustrating.

Anyone else having trouble with the site?



6 responses to “What a mess…

  1. Although I haven’t tried this year’s site, from past experience I remember that the first few days of the site opening are always buggy.

  2. I hold up when they start up a new program because of how many issues I have encountered in the past. I did just register and started adding codes and it seems to be working correctly now.

  3. No problems here. I got rookies jackson and myers. Not liking that one too much. My lineup is a team that has a batting avg of .206………if I’m lucky. Sigh……..so much for winning anything.

  4. i had some issues at first as well, gave it a night and everything was good. i did end up getting two Freddie Freeman’s which sucks…basically a wasted code card.

  5. My the problem is my computer:)

    I am a very easy going guy in general, but I see red when my computer isn’t working. I assert there is nothing more maddeding in the modern world then when you hit a button and it doesn’t do what you expect.

  6. I had issues as well. Similar to yours. Put three codes in and eventually got three players. But it took a long time.

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