My connection to history…

Mike Uruzione just sold his Team USA gear from the 1980 Olympics for just over $650,000.

As one of the members of the Miracle on Ice squad he is a living legend.

Like most US hockey fans I will stop and watch any documentary on that team. I even have a favorite player, and it’s not for a reason anyone woud likely guess.

No it’s not fellow Bulldogs John Harrington or Mark Pavelich. Nope it is actually a Gopher, one Mr. Mike Ramsey.

Ya see Mikes wife, Jill, was my 5th grade teacher!

Fun UMD fact, Mark Pavelich
and John Harrington were both credited with an assist on Mike Uruzione’s winning goal.



7 responses to “My connection to history…

  1. Martha Stewart’s MOTHER was my 6th grade teacher which shows how young you are and how OLD I am. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. My mom was Justin Upton’s second grade teacher. It doesn’t really say anything about my age, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

  3. To keep this going, my sisters 4th grade teacher also taugh Prince

  4. My 5th grade teacher was an alien.

  5. To really keep this going…….I was engaged to my seventh grade teacher’s younger sister (right after high school just to clarify that)! After we broke up (7 months later) I ended up dating her older sister who was my seventh grade teacher and we dated for about 4 months. She was smoking hot and you would’ve too had you seen her and been given the chance! She might’ve had 10 years on me but it was ALL GOOD!

  6. sorry….it was the alien comment and my ADD acting up!

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