Kicking it old school…

Last night I was wondering around the internet and found my way to a page about the old indoor soccer league from the mid ’80s.

In particular I was checking out the Minnesota Strikers.
 photo Minnesota_Strikers_zpsd9b719e1.png

When I was a youngster I remember my folks taking me and some friends to Striker games on Friday nights at the Met Center.

I wasn’t a big soccer fan but it was something to do and as a kid I loved the energy of being at a sporting event. My parents weren’t big soccer fans but I would imagine Striker tickets were much cheaper than Twins or North Star tickets.

I also remember a couple of the players coming to do a little clinic at our block party on year.

I found a few scans of Striker cards.
 photo RayHudson1987MISLcard_zps0c5e63ea.jpg
I don’t remember even having any of these but I kinda want some now.

I think they are from the 1987 MISL set, but have no idea who made them.

I really like this one.
 photo 5f9901e0-714c-4885-9cde-a2ad5bd48b00_zpse06de82e.jpg
There is something about the green border that strikes me, no pun intended, well maybe a little intended.



2 responses to “Kicking it old school…

  1. Killer logo.

  2. Those were made by Pacific

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