Just puck it…

I like hockey, it’s fun to play, fun to watch and has a mess of cool cards.

This years Limited has it’s share of pretty slick offerings.

A nice looking upper mid range base design.

I can’t decide if I like the brownish background on these two cards. I think I do. Actually I think you would call that sepia. It’s give them a fancy feel.

I really like a base set numbered to 299.

Has anyone out there ever built a Limited base set. I wonder how many boxes it would take. A good bit I would recon. I bet the set would look pretty slick in a binder.

Simple and nice. I would like a couple Penguins relics from this set, and maybe a Zach Parise.

Here is the real deal hit of my box.
A Geno card numbered to 25 with a piece of puck!

I am fascinated by puck cards. It’s really hard to get a straight up slice so they always have a little something something where they kinda chunk off. They look really cool and rough.

My son immediately grabbed this card for his collection.

These have a great old school chromy look to them. I am a fan, especially when…
…they are autographed!

I am a huge fan of this card, It reminds me of the sweet Brett Hull auto I pulled from Anthology.

Chromy goodness, a cool theme, on card auto, what’s not to love!

It’s a short fun break, and a pretty cheap roll of the dice considering the cool stuff you can find.



3 responses to “Just puck it…

  1. Well UD SPX did the game used pucks cuz I had a gretzky card. They are pretty awesome though. That Rangers card is pretty sweet. Will the Brian Leetch be up for trade?

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