Enough already…

Check it
 photo panini-america-2012-prizm-baseball-preview-35_zpse8d197bb.jpg
Prizm baseball!

Love it.

Prizm is the best thing to non-auto/relic lovers since Topps Chrome. Let’s be honest, this is Panini’s answer to chrome, and it works.

Now the issue with this set is that it lacks an MLB license. This isn’t the set of Panini’s fault. This is an MLB deal.

It’s about time we get a second MLB contract. I am not hating on Topps, I just want a little more variety.

Here are a few more sick looking previews from the Panini blog.
 photo panini-america-2012-prizm-baseball-preview-29_zpsbf24e5d4.jpg
I like the design. It’s pretty much the same as football and hoops. I think it works even better here.

Look how cool the captain looks.

As with the other sports we will get a ton of parallels.
 photo panini-america-2012-prizm-baseball-preview-20_zpsef2faefa.jpg
Looks great.

Here is the card that has me most excited.
 photo panini-america-2012-prizm-baseball-preview-15_zps14228ba1.jpg

I love the way these look.

So come on MLB, let’s get this done!



4 responses to “Enough already…

  1. Nice. I had some of the basketball cards from this year that look exactly like this. Very cool.

  2. I find it interesting that MLB hasn’t sued Panini as they did with Upper Deck. The basis of their argument was that UD was a former licensee and that they were using “uniforms, trade dress, or Club color combinations” (in other words, not just logos).

    I don’t see anything different with Panini. They are a former licensee since they own the Donruss brand, and the cards above clearly meet the uniforms, trade dress, and club color combos. I’m with you, though – I wish MLB would grant these guys a license. Actually, I wish they’d grant Panini and Upper Deck a license, and then limit all 3 manufacturers to a smaller number of products per year. If Topps could only make 8 products, they’d be forced to be more creative with what they do release.

  3. I’m sure this costs more than other Panini baseball products. All the more reason to stay far away — I’m not paying more for no MLB logos.

  4. Totally agree with you on the Prizm cards, they are really awesome and i would say a significantly nicer product than Topps Chrome. The football cards have me hooked! I just can’t justify spending a nice chunk of change for photoshopped baseball cards though. Really hope MLB bring them in to the mix when the exclusive Topps contract expires.

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